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Virginia Litigation/Collections Attorneys

More than 30 years of experience handling collection cases
Lane & Hamner, P.C. is trusted by clients across Virginia to help them recover the money they are owed for their goods and services. Lane & Hamner, P.C. has more than 30 years of experience providing our clients with legal advice and litigation services at every level of state courts. We have successfully helped a wide variety of clients — including banks, businesses, corporations, attorneys, accountants, landlords, real estate agencies, consulting firms and financing companies — collect the debts owed to them.

Dedicated attorneys committed to providing results
Lane & Hamner, P.C. can assist you if you need help collecting money from debtors on:

  • Unpaid loans
  • Guaranties and promissory notes
  • Letters of credit and other extensions of credit
  • Fees owed for professional services
  • Unpaid rent and charges for apartments, condominiums and co-ops
  • Liens of all varieties
  • Debts for goods sold or delivered
  • Unjust enrichment claims
  • Breach of contract actions

Litigating on behalf of your business
If you engage in commerce, sooner or later you are almost certain to encounter a dispute with a client or contractor that you’ll need outside help to resolve. At Lane & Hamner, P.C., we have been assisting businesses for more than 30 years through alternative dispute resolution and civil court trials in state court. We have the knowledge and experience to help your business in cases related to:

  • Banking and creditor issues
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of warranty
  • Business torts
  • Construction law
  • Insurance
  • Products liability
  • Real estate
  • Securities
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes

Experienced attorneys. Proven results.